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Why would anyone want to be without clothes...?

Some frequently asked questions about nudism...

Since when have there been nudist clubs in New Zealand?

The Auckland Sun Club Inc. is the oldest Sun Club in New Zealand and was established in 1936. Nudist clubs are often referred to as sun clubs, because in times when people were still generally more afraid of nudity, the clubs were affiliated in the "New Zealand Sunbathing Association", now the New Zealand Naturist Federation. Some people prefer the term nudist, to express that nudity is something natural, not to be ashamed of, some prefer the term naturist, to express their belief that the (bare) human body is a normal part of nature. Both are essentially the same.

Who can join a naturist club?

At Auckland Sun Club we do not discriminate on the grounds of race, age, gender, family status, conviction or confession. We welcome new members who are interested in the naturist life style. We especially welcome those keen to actively participate in maintaining and improving our club facilities and activities, and in promoting the awareness of naturism beyond our club.

Why do people join?

Is a nudist club a place with low moral standards?

Nudist clubs are very aware of the importance of high moral standards. They are not wife swapping facilities or places that you can expect a hot night of strip poker. People who show an interest in nudist clubs for such reasons are soon disappointed and usually leave before having to be told to do so. They feel uncomfortable, the odd one out and realize soon that there is nothing there for them.

Naturists however insist, that the mere sight of a naked body cannot be immoral. They reject the pseudo-modesty that cries foul at the sight of a naked body but uses "sexy" images and unrealistic artificially manipulated images of standardized model bodies for advertising and laughing at demeaning stories and "jokes" that are funny at the expense of others. How people relate to each other and who we really are, seems of much greater interest to naturists than the size, shape or state of a persons body. Isn't that a very high moral standard ?

Is it expensive to join a naturist club?

No. Naturist clubs are run by members. They are non-profitable organizations. They cannot be owned by an individual or company. Apart from the annual membership fee everyone contributes what, if and as they can. At the Auckland Sun Club membership fees are $220.00 per person per annum. There is no fee for children. Click here for more information.

Am I going to be safe at a naturist club?

There is probably no safer place than a sun club. All sun clubs are well sheltered visually from the surrounding. Prospective members are not admitted, if they seem to have the wrong idea of what a sun club is all about. If you ever have a complaint about someone's behavior or if you are uncertain or feel uncomfortable in any way, you should talk to any of the committee members, who will listen to you and deal with any difficulties in a constructive way. Generally there is no direct body contact and while looking is o.k., staring is not. People will make eye contact when they talk with each other and wherever we sit (if our backside is bare), we place a towel underneath.

What do people do in a naturist club?

We do all those things that people do in any other social club, except that we do not wear clothes, unless we feel like it. We laugh, talk, relax, swim, enjoy the sauna and spa, walk through the bush, work, cook and enjoy good meals, make plans for the future, play games like pool, table tennis, petanque miniten etc., have a BBQ, discuss whatever we feel like discussing, laugh once more and have a good time.

Do I have to undress, when I visit?

You do not. No one ever HAS to undress, if they do not feel like it. Nudists are not stupid: if it gets too cold, they dress and still enjoy the club and company. But if they do not see a reason to wear clothes and if they feel comfortable doing whatever it is they're doing without clothes, they are free to do so. We do however not wear any clothes in the spa, sauna or swimming pool. And once you tried swimming in the nude like a fish, we are sure you won’t want your togs back, anyway.

What about sunbathing and skin cancer?

Of course it is unhealthy to get sun burnt. You will find that nudists are very much aware of this, use sunscreen and watch over each other in this respect. But do remember that the skin is actually "designed" to be exposed to the sun, air and water. The health benefits especially of exposure to sun are well documented in medical and nursing publications. There is no evidence of any increased rate of skin cancer amongst nudists, if anything, we believe the opposite to be true,A survey of naturists showed that they had a lower rate of skin cancer than the national average, due to more regular, sensible exposure to the sun in all seasons to all parts of our bodies.

... and why would anyone want to put their clothes on ?

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